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Vancouver Whitecaps FC

The snow found in Vancouver has been rumored to perform wonders. Those rumors nearly all begin and end on this website, but they are rumors nonetheless. Anyways… The snow. That's right. So, the snow that graces the faces of the peaks known as Whistler makes for great recreational activity, duh. But did you know it also is what occupies the coolers on the Vancouver Whitecaps sideline? Only Whistler snow, boiled down to the purest water, then chilled by more Whistler snow can be served to the Whitecaps; it preserves the magic. Inspired by this process, we here at Modify made a mold out of Whistler snow, and the only watch we cast from this mold is the Vancouver Whitecaps Modify Watch. Logistically, it's a nightmare, but we do it just for you, Whitecaps fans. Keepin' it local since 2009.
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