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Toronto FC Watches

Toronto FC Watches
Show your team colors with custom designs from Modify

Toronto FC Watches

Officially licensed Major League Soccer merchandise.
These are the initial design concepts -- we'll let you
know when the final versions are ready for production!

It might have taken the MLS nearly a decade to travel north of the border, but once Toronto FC set up shop, fans were quick to grab on. There's even a local legend, originally recorded on a scroll made of maple paper, that says 90,000 Toronto FC fans made the trip to Columbus for the inaugural Trillium Cup back in 2008, but a snowstorm separated most of the group. The resulting chaos nearly stranded all involved, but heady thinking by both the Red Patch Boys and the Original 109 got everyone out in great shape. That evening, gathered around a bonfire created with only jersey mockups belonging to the Montreal Impact (because they didn't exist yet) and copies of the Columbus Dispatch, they had themselves a great time. The goodwill between Toronto FC fans reached such a fervor that it physically manifested into the Toronto FC Modify Watch, all red and white and maple leafed. (Ed. Note: That legend might have originated in the sentences precluding this one, but that's ok with us. Things work better when canon exists.)

Get first dibs for Toronto FC watches - just in time for Spring Training!

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