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Sporting Kansas City

We love Sporting Park. It's insane. But the thing we love most about Sporting Park, home of Sporting Kansas City, is the Sporting support club. So, one day, near the beginning of the 2012 Shutout Streak, we decided to place a regular ol' watch beneath the stands of these rabid fans and vowed not to move it until Sporting was scored upon. For 335 minutes of gameplay that poor watch sat beneath the supporter section. When we retrieved what we thought would be a broken and battered watch, we were astonished at the state of the timepiece: It was unscathed, but totally changed. Instead of a white face, it now had the navy blue-white-and-baby blue shield emblazoned across the face. The band, previously brown and leather, was now navy blue as well, but there was a gray band AND a baby blue band sitting to either side of the watch. We immediately set out to replicate the magic, and (drum roll please… waiting…) we did it. Now we offer the Sporting Kansas City Modify Watch. You're welcome, Sporting fans.
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