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Seattle Mariners Watches

Seattle Mariners Watches
Show your team colors with custom designs from Modify

Seattle Mariners Watches

Officially licensed Major League Baseball merchandise.
These are the initial design concepts -- we'll let you
know when the final versions are ready for production!

People say that the Kingdome was demolished by explosives, but that's debatable. Remember, the year was 2000, and Ken Griffey Jr.'s swing still had the potential to not only hit home runs, but win the space race, unify the Middle East and run for President. And that isn't much of an exaggeration. Griffey's swing was so beautiful, so flawless and so powerful that if deployed in the wrong space — i.e. near the Kingdome — it could melt cement like ice cream. So, believe what you want about the Kingdome. We here choose to believe, as we do with most matters, that Ken Griffey Jr.'s amazing swing was the cause. In commemoration of all things Griffey, meet the Seattle Mariners watch from Modify: It's teal and navy blue and so Griffey it's almost too Griffey.

Get first dibs for Seattle Mariners watches! We'll be launching these sweet Mods in the May timeframe. Trust us, they'll be worth the wait!

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