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Philadelphia Union

Some people talk about patriotism like it's an idea permanently decked out in camo with an aversion to shaving that airs on television between the hours of Who Knows and Who Cares. But Philadelphians know patriotism. Like, We-Signed-The-Declaration-Of-Independence-Here kind of Patriotism. Like a, "Sure, we'll serve as the nation's Capitol while D.C. is under construction" type of patriotism. That's why when Philly got an MLS team, they named it the Union. Then, if that wasn't enough, they tossed 13 stars on the logo. You could sort of say that Philadelphia is like the Godfather of America. Or you could just honor the notion by wearing the Philadelphia Union Modify watch, the only watch in America that pays tribute to the past, honors the present, claims fanhood. Oh, and because real Americans love options, the wristband is interchangeable.
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