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New England Revolution

Paul Revere didn't play soccer, but if he did, we'd like to think he would've been a fantastic fullback — #76 in your programs #1 in your hearts — that played with the  New England Revolution. Why, you most certainly are not asking yourself at the moment? Because try picturing Paul Revere in modern day clothes that aren't red, white and blue. It doesn't work. Unless he's in stockings, knickers and a tricorne hat, the only acceptable outfit for present-day Paul Revere is a New England Revolution uniform. Or an ironic '80s concert t-shirt, ripped jeans and a sombrero. There is no third option. But the only watch he's wearing under any circumstances is the New England Revolution Modify watch, because Paul Revere is an original American and Paul Revere likes options. So wear the watch that Paul Revere, MLS fan would wear. (One last note on Paul Revere: We all know he would never have left the MLS for the Premiership, don't care what the paycheck would've entailed, thank you very much! — Love, Modify).
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