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Montreal Impact Watches

Montreal Impact Watches
Show your team colors with custom designs from Modify

Montreal Impact Watches

Officially licensed Major League Soccer merchandise.
These are the initial design concepts -- we'll let you
know when the final versions are ready for production!

When the Montreal Impact made the jump from the Second Division into the MLS back in 2012, they had a big decision to make: Keep the name and logo, or revamp it. Lucky for all parties (including us, humble fans), they stuck with both their original name, their universally cool fleur-de-lis logo and the original color scheme, which was silver, blue and black. Why lucky for us? Because silver, blue and black go together better than rama lama lama ke ding a de dinga a dong. The color trio is so copacetic that it alienates peanut butter from jelly. The trio meshes better than nylon and polyester. Jealousy over the unbridled chemistry between colors was even rumored to be a factor in the dissolution of no less than eight hollywood marriages. But it also looks unbelievable on both the backs of the MLS's most recent addition and on our wrists. So choose chemistry, choose fleur-de-lis, and choose the cleanest way to show your love for the Montreal Impact by rocking the Mod-treal Impact Watch from Modify. Colors this awesome were made to be interchangeable.

Get first dibs for Montreal Impact watches - just in time for Spring Training!

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