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Mod Watch

The Mod

Modify Watches are custom, colorful, durable and interchangeable timepieces. All of our watches are Modular (get it???), meaning that you can mix-and-match our watch faces with our watch bands. What does that mean for you? Well, if you own 3 watches, you really get *9* combinations. So you can Show Your Colors (all caps, it's our tagline, hope you like it), whether you want to dress up, dress down, or dress funky, fly, sporty, nerdy, etc.

Oh. One more thing. As of early 2014, all of our new watches are hand-assembled in San Francisco. We're proud members of SFMade

Face Watch

Hundreds of Designs

Since 2010 we've designed literally thousands of watches. If you think about all of the combinations with the 35+ strap colors we have launched, we're talking 10,000+ options that you could have if you owned a lot of our watches (and/or stole everything from our archives ...)

Practically, what does this mean? Well, we have designs for all of your favorite pro sports teams from the NBA, NHL, MLS and Major League Baseball. We've collaborated with artists, non-profits and musicians big and small. We have watches for all of your favorite holidays (e.g. Flag Day).

Watch rainbow

Comfortable, colorful...

So, it turns out that watches are worn. On your body. Every day. We get that and we have made Modify Watches as soft and durable as possible. And colorful (even if the "color" you want is black or navy or slate or something more conservative). Our watch bands are made from a soft and durable silicone. It's also food-grade ... you should see the number of photos of baby-teething fans have sent over the years.


Out in the rain

All Modify Watches are splash-proof. Can you wear them in the rain? Yup. Doing the dishes? Yup. Showering? Our lawyer wants us to say no but we'll say yup.

What really matters is that we have A++ service. So, while you cannot go deep-sea-diving in a Modify Watch, just know that if you make that mistake and find your timepiece water-logged, we'll do everything we can to get you a working one. Check out the 98%+ happiness rating on our WOW wall to get a feel for how you can expect to be treated.


Two sizes

We sell Modify Watches in 2 sizes, "Sport" and "Classic". These are both unisex, it's more about the size of your wrist (and how much you like *big* watches). The Sport size is a normal watch, about 38mm. The Classic is closer to a 42mm timepiece. Get the Classic. If you're not sure, or you're buying a gift for someone, we always recommend the Sport size. But if you have big wrists or want to make a big statement? The Classic is for you.

Custom Watches

Custom Prints

If you've read this far, you know that we make custom watches. Why does that matter? Because, we don't feel like telling you what to wear. From day-one, we have built Modify around the idea that YOU should tell us what watches to make. Here are a few examples of custom watches fans have made:

  • As a gift (or for themselves): Photos of a family member, dog, vacation house, etc.
  • Groups, events and occassions: Bridesmaids watches;
  • Non-profits and schools: Fundraising tools
  • Pro sports teams: General merchandise ... and even Gift with Purchase opportunities
  • Companies: Gifts for new recruits; year-end gifts during a holiday party; thank-yous to clients and investors.


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