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Los Angeles Galaxy

So there's this local legend that goes like this: One night, in downtown Los Angeles, Kobe Jones, David Beckham and Landon Donovan were just kicking back, sharing war stories about their days with the Galaxy. There was nothing strange about the evening, but when the stories started swirling, they were so insanely wonderful that they couldn't just disappear into the ether. Trapped, the tales formed what's known as a Mod-er Vortex, and the resulting Front of Awesomeness began raining down the Galaxy Modify watch. Hundreds of them, rocking the classic navy blue and gold shield with a glowing quasar floating above the entire thing. What's a quasar, you ask? An active galactic nucleus, which means that the Galaxy might have the only logo in sports that's transcendent on an intergalactic level. Beat that, Lakers.
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