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Houston Dynamo

Here's a quick 7-step guide on how to make a splash in American professional sports: Step 1. Become an MLS franchise. Name yourself the Houston Dynamos. Step 2. Win the MLS Cup in your first year in the league. Step 3. Win the MLS Cup your second year in the league. Step 4. Because, like, get it? You won BACK-TO-BACK TITLES IN YOUR FIRST TWO SEASONS. Step 5. SERIOUSLY. BACK-TO-BACK TITLES IN YOUR FIRST TWO SEASONS. CAN YOU IMAGINE IF THE DEVIL RAYS HAD DONE THAT? NO. Step 6. Look up Dynamo in the dictionary. Get confused. Step 7. Find an awesome watch company to make your logo into an interchangeably rad watchface so that fans of your splash-making can enjoy the success too. (Pro-tip time: Step's 6 and 7 are way easier than Step's 2-5.) That's why we made the Houston Dynamo Modify watch. Because only the Dynamo Modify Watch can honor a franchise that started that hot.
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