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FC Dallas

Shields are so soccer. Longhorns are so Texas. Shields with Longhorns on them are soooo the MLS. And a watch with said shield on it? That's so Modify. Just look at it. The subtle silhouette of the longhorn, donning the club's founding year like its own little halo, and the horns that perfectly framed the arched letters. Forget you're in America? Not with this watch. Red, white, blue, no filler. Except for a star (which is the most American filler this side of corn starch). The only thing that could make this FC Dallas Modify Watch more American? A wide range of options when it comes to band selection. So, be a good American and a good soccer fan at the same time and buy this watch. It's got options.
Modify Watches Modify Watches Informative. Gluten Free. Cool?
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