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It's All About the ModiFamily

5 Reasons to Join the ModiFamily

  • You're tall/short, dame/dude, big/small, read/hoop, eat sugar/quinoa, prefer Brahms/Weezy (read: You're dope).
  • Sneak previews and deals on our new swag.
  • We design what the community asks for.
  • You have mad style.
  • You also booked opening night tickets to the hit movie Taken 2.

Photos From the Modify Team

Via our instagram feed @ModifyWatches.

A Happy Family is a Social Family

  • We love our fans. And they seem to love us too. The ModiFamily tells us what colors to use, and what licenses to get. Whether you're a member of our Mod of the Month Club or just a novice Modder, we'd love to hear from you.
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