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Columbus Crew

Back before there was the MLS, before there were plastic cleats, before the shorts got longer (and then shorter again), there were a group of construction workers in the city of Columbus, Ohio, that settled conflicts the way real tough guys do: On the soccer field. If they had an issue with any other crew, the problem was solved just one way, in just one place. They wouldn't even listen to alternative forms of conflict resolutions (and only partly because their hats sat over their ears). Thieving youths? Soccer match. City planning commission holding up projects? See you on the pitch, Minions to the Man. To honor these diplomatic soccer stars, the Columbus Crew may or may not have named themselves after what those around town started to call them: The Crew. And in honor of anything associated with guys who seriously consider the placement of corner kicks whilst resolving disputes, we at Modify created the Columbus Crew Modify Watch. Because black and yellow isn't just a Pittsburgh thing.
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