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Chivas Usa Watches

Chivas USA Watches
Show your team colors with custom designs from Modify

Chivas USA Watches

Officially licensed Major League Soccer merchandise.
These are the initial design concepts -- we'll let you
know when the final versions are ready for production!

Knights, goblets, warring lions, stoic trees, circular shapes and vertical stripes. The Chivas USA logo has more chivalrous parts than a King Arthur story, and about twice the athletic prowess. Sir Galahad? Try Sir Razov. Ante Razov. Round table? Psh. Round ball. Jousting? We see your jousting match and raise you a shootout. That's why we felt the world needed a Chivas USA Modify Watch. It's got all the lore of King Arthur, and none of the suffocating armor. And with it's extensive color palette, this watch was made to Modify.

Get first dibs for Chivas USA watches - just in time for Spring Training!

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