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SUM is a complex character, creating freely through many mediums. He has been described as an "enigmatic" songwriter, and is always on the cusp of revealing new creative layers. Whether through an audiovisual YouTube mixtape, a Halloween opera, his band's live space funk experience (The Milky Way), or exposing a business venture he's been quietly crafting while everyone was figuring out his laserlight show... he truly is unpredictable. But one thing is consistent in all of his work - HEART. If fact,SUM is Cantonese for "heart". There is a unique level of consistency, passion, spirituality and steady ferocity in all he does; inspired by an undying need to stay creative and keep those who support him always guessing what's next. The fun part is, he's never quite sure himself.

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The Watches

Modify makes custom watches, hand-assembled in San Francisco. We partner with amazing artists, important causes, talented musicians, dope influencers and more to create custom gear that their fans love. We have a few styles, from a fun, lightweight and durable silicone style through a higher-end stainless steel and leather timepiece. See our best-sellers, design your own custom watch or just browse designs from our thousand plus partners who use Modify as their merchandise partner.

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