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Depending on my deisred end effect, I start with an Abstract Base. . I use bright colors to appeal to the twelve year old in everyone. At times I know exactly how I want my end Image, others a bit more organic. I then pencil in my image,  prime it with white, building up in certain areas for texture. Go in with yellow and some of my purples. I then layer in an opposing color sequence to achieve depth. Words are added as another way of connecting with my audience and forming a story. I then highlight, playing off of the background to connect the two and have them "Waltz". Long story short, I paint what and how I want. Some think my content is Dark, I think it's just honest. I hope to open peoples minds and free them from the blinders given to them from Birth

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The Watches

Modify makes custom watches, hand-assembled in San Francisco. We partner with amazing artists, important causes, talented musicians, dope influencers and more to create custom gear that their fans love. We have a few styles, from a fun, lightweight and durable silicone style through a higher-end stainless steel and leather timepiece. See our best-sellers, design your own custom watch or just browse designs from our thousand plus partners who use Modify as their merchandise partner.

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