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I was born in Mexico city but raised in Madrid, Spain. Since I was a child I've always like to draw. As a young teenager I fell in love with graffiti and started painting big colorful walls which I signed with my "street name" redos. Later on I started developing my painting skills, always drawing or painting whatever came to my mind and portraying my feelings the best way I could. I started signing redosking as a promise to myself that I will never stop being myself and growing as an artist and encouraging people to do the same and don't give up on their dreams. I keep doing the same, trying to develop my own style blending the heart and history of traditional art with the fun and exciting world of graffiti and caricatures where everything is possible. Everybody is hungry for something, the main goal is to enjoy life doing what you love.

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Modify makes custom watches, hand-assembled in San Francisco. We partner with amazing artists, important causes, talented musicians, dope influencers and more to create custom gear that their fans love. We have a few styles, from a fun, lightweight and durable silicone style through a higher-end stainless steel and leather timepiece. See our best-sellers, design your own custom watch or just browse designs from our thousand plus partners who use Modify as their merchandise partner.

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