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About philoSophie's by Joanna Alberti

philoSophie's mission is to design a character brand centered around art that is inspired by the power of positive thinking.

I began philoSophie's in 2005 while working at an advertising agency in Boston. I kept a journal of doodles and thoughts that came to me while observing other commuters on the train to and from work, my life in Boston, and conversations with friends. These conversations and observations would make my mind wander. From these scenarios there was always a common thread that we're all big dreamers and aspire for a life well lived.

I started to put my inspirations from my journal onto handmade greeting cards for a holiday arts and craft fair at the agency. My humorous and motivating one-liners paired with my illustrations were well received.

philoSophie's inspire people. I hope to think I help people start their day with a smile when they drink out of a philoSophie's coffee mug, or make the mundane like grocery shopping fun with a checklist. Greeting cards, stationery and gifts help to spread laughter and remind people that they're important and thought of. Read more here!

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