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Hustling Spirit

Hustling Spirit tile image

Hustling Spirit

Hustling Spirit clothing company is a contemporary Christian clothing line that was established in 2009 when the creators made an eye opening fashion discovery. Husband and wife duo, Craig and Kenya Linton, the creators and owners of Hustling Spirit clothing, discovered that there weren't many inspirational clothing lines in the industry whose designs were comparable to mainstream. This fashion discovery resulted in the launch of Hustling Spirit clothing in the Fall of 2012. These authentic designs put you in mind of tattoo art with a biblically inspired message imbedded in each thread. Hustling Spirit's clothing has been called what is known as "feel good wear". You feel good when you wear it, both internally and externally. The "feel good wear" product line currently includes fashion T-shirts, tank tops, hoodies and silicone wristbands. The secret behind these threads being a favorite amongst its merchants; is the use of fashion T shirts and fashion soft ink just as mainstream designers. The fashion T-shirts provide a comfortable but yet tailored fit that compliments the individual's physique. The "fashion soft ink" makes for a design that is soft to the touch that maintains the sharp imagery despite multiple washings. After Partnering up with Modify we are now able to offer watches. The popular watches with interchangeable colorful watch-band make for a bold fashion statement while providing subtle undertones of affirmation. Hustling Spirit clothing is the "feel good wear" company that attracts people from all walks of life. The designs represent an art gallery of inspiration to be loved by all. Hustling Spirit is more than a clothing company; it's a movement. You can join this movement by visiting their website at As we continue to spread God's Glory to the Masses!!

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