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Hot Watches, Part Deux

We had our first sale on July 15, 2010. Truth be told, we did pretty well in the first few weeks. Exciting, but dangerous, as I immediately starting planning to defer my expected full-time job. I’ve always been an entrepreneur-at-heart. I started my first “venture” at age 12 when my best friend and I put money into a bank account every month ($5?) in the hopes of raising towards our future baseball card store, “AAA cards” (he’s Andrew, I’m Aaron). Soon after those first sales and feeling good, Gary and...

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Modify Watches - It begins

Hello! My name is Aaron Schwartz and I'm a co-founder of Modify Industries, Inc., makers of Modify Watches ( Hoping not to have any more boring sentences in this entire post (nor future ones), so please feel free to keep me in check in the comments. I'm going to use this blog to give insights into our company, the team, and what it's like to grow from a $1,000 company to a $10,000,000 one (Stretch Goal: 2012). Gary Coover and I started talking about Modify Watches in April 2010 when...

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