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Ale Garza - Portraying Beautiful and Strong Women

Ale Garza started working professionally at the age of 17 when he self published his own comic book, Weezul, and sold 3000 copies nationwide... "Wayyyy back in 1995!" In the days of snail mail, ugh... From there Ale went on to start working at Wildstorm/DC Comics and began his career that's now lasted 20 plus years!                           What inspires you? My kids! My wife! My family! Friends! All the amazing people I've known in my life have added...

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Peter Kuper - Creating Art with Comics

Peter Kuper has been a comic book reader since he was a kid--Marvel comics by Jack Kirby especially and Mad magazine, then later underground comics, R. Crumb et al. When he hit high school there wasn't anything he wanted to do (or could do!) more than comics. Peter moved to NYC (from Cleveland) when he was 18 and never looked back (though he did visit plenty!). He began as an illustrator and kept doing comics even though it was hard to find any outlets. Peter and his friend decided to...

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Put a Photo on a Watch

Some people think that if you like it then you should put a ring on it. We are of the mindset that if you like it then you should put a photo on a watch. Would that be good as the lyrics to a song? No. Would it be an awesome gift? Yes Love a dog? Put a photo of it on a watch! Love a view? Hey, did you know that you could wear that view every day by taking a photo of it and ... THINK YOUR FRIEND...

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PhiloSophies - A Wink, Heart­shaped Lips and Swoopy Bangs

The Story Behind philoSophie's® Sophie was "born" when Joanna was in her 20s working at a advertising agency in Boston. "I've always enjoyed illustrating and writing as a creative outlet," recalls Joanna. "And the more Isketched and doodled, the more I came back to a face with simple features - a wink,heart­shaped lips and swoopy bangs." Joanna is also an avid journaler, frequently jotting down her own 'philosophies'. Joanna first married her two obsessions when she handmade greeting cards featuring hercharacter and her philosophies for a holiday arts and crafts...

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The Turner Collection - Showing Louisiana to the World

Art has been Christopher Turner’s passion since childhood. On entering high school in 1999, Turner already had a large portfolio of work, created during his years at Broadmoor Middle School in Baton Rouge, LA, which then had a Gifted and Talented Program. At Capitol High, he participated in the Talented Arts Program-launched there ostensibly for his benefit. "For the first two years," says Turner, "I was the only kid in the [art] classroom." As a freshman, he didn't want to choose between playing football and painting; thanks to TAP, he...

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