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Thane Koi - "Time Never Fail Us"


Born in this world as Christopher Jackson known by Thane Koi, on January 24th, 1992. He is multiracial with Black, Moroccan and Asian (Of Indian Descent).Thane was born in Los Angeles, California and moved & was raised in Carson, California. Growing up, he has participated in a host of acting workshops since age 10; He doesn't let his disability which is being deaf stop his ability of becoming Thane Koi today. He has debuted in fashion shows, commercials, T.V shows and more. Now, He is coming out with his first line ever, Koi By Thane! Get ready for a new style created by Thane Koi himself.


When did you get started and how?

I started juggling many creative aspects such as music, art, fashion and jewelry. It was always a passion of mine to have my own watch line and I have Modify Watches to help me! Which is so great and aspiring, thank you for the opportunity to have the first official Thane Koi watches. It means a lot to me because I love watches. "Time never fail us", that's always been a motto of mine. Also "never waste any time" is my saying from time to time.

What inspires you?

As of right now, European art inspire all of my current and future projects. I want to have that kind of religious yet classic artistry related to my projects which are raw, gritty and masterpieces. I think all of my masterpieces are one in a million and everybody should have that limited edition to feel that that item is essential in their lives.

How has your work made a difference, do you have a fan story?

It have tremendously made a difference coming from a deaf artist, I believe in making a difference in any community no matter what. I want to inspire the younger generation of today because children are the future in our time. One time, I had a fan come to me after me visiting my old high school. And that special fan thanked me for giving him the courage to be himself and come out as being gay. It's a great feeling to have knowing that I inspired him and hopefully more to be themselves. I want everybody to realize they are beautiful and they should always strive to be great.

Are there any big events coming up the audience should know about?
I have an sophomore album coming soon with amazing producers and I am planning to drop a visual album just for my fans. Here's a hint, my Thane Koi watches will make an HUGE appearance in all of my visuals.

Thane Koi     

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