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Latest — Watch Naming

Did You Play GoldenEye Back In The Day?

Did you play GoldenEye back in the day? Nintendo 64 was the riot and every teenager at the time 'had' to have one. Taco Bell was giving away free Nintendos and I remember wishing that my next meal there would be the lucky winner. I ended up not getting one til Christmas that year. GoldenEye didn't come out during the Christmas season, but rather a few days after. I was blessed to have amazing parents who were willing to get me a copy. Looking back, they probably regretted getting it...

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Who Won March Madness in 2013?

Searching for the winner of March Madness in 2013? You're in the right place. The winner of the NCAA tournament was the Louisville Cardinals. Who did you put on your bracket to win this year? Below is a picture of the final score in the championship game:   Surprising huh? The teams with the highest odds of winning were: 1. Kansas 2. Duke 3. Indiana (most favored team to win) 4. Louisville Just like anything, nothing is ever certain. What made this team a winner? Many have said they won because of...

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Have You Seen Our Deadmau5 watches?

Looking for a Deadmau5 watch? You're at the right place. Click the link above to see what we have. We just love Deadmau5 and figured today would be a great day to do a write up on him. For those of you who don't know what Deadmau5 is, this post will surely enlighten. 1. What is Deadmau5? This is a nickname for Joel Zimmerman. He is a producer and a performer based out of Toronto Canada. The picture above is a rough idea of what he looks like when performing and...

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Any Tim Lincecum Fans Out There?

Looking for a Lincecum watch? You're in the right place. Tim Lincecum is a pitcher for the San Francisco Giants and we made a watch out of him. ;) In this post, I want to share some things you may or may not have heard about him. 1. What are his nicknames? How did he get them? Tim has 3 nicknames: The Freak, Big Time Timmy Jim, and The Franchise. Anyone know why he has been called those? Let's start with 'The Freak'.  Tim is 5'11' and has one of...

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It's Time to Show Your Spring Colors

Robin Williams said it best, “Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party!" And we agree! Winter is over and Modify’s new spring collection is here just in time for you to find your perfect accessory. The newest interchangeable watches have arrived and are ready for you to mix and match. It’s all in the wrist this year and we’ve got you covered with several new mod combinations to revamp your look. The 2013 Spring Collection from Modify Watches features dope new interchangeable watch faces in pink, rose gold, and black polka...

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