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Awesome Watches: Because at Modify, Good isn't Good Enough

Do you remember that moment in your childhood when you thought to yourself, "I'm tired of awesome. From now on, I'm gonna do everything I can to be good."  No?  That's because it never happened.  To anyone.  Ever.   As humans (or are we dancers?), we constantly strive to seek out more awesome and spread it throughout our lives like it was awesome butter on our life toast. And Modify is no different.  Modify Watches makes awesome watches.  The difference between Modify and other watch companies is that we don't settle for good....

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Modify Watches Introduces America Time – The New USA Watch

U. S. A! U.S.A! USA Watch! (It’s limited edition, so get yours now!) Four score and seven years…actually, scratch that. Just a few weeks ago, we (Modify HQ) decided to make an America Time (‘merica Time) watch. With the 4th of July, elections, and the Olympics this year, it's a good time to be patriotic.  Ashil created three fresh watch designs and our ModiFamily headed to the polls on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, and voted on their favorite USA face.  Out of the three perfectly patriotic options, the ModiFamily picked this one as their...

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WonderRoot and Modify Partner for the Together Watch Fundraising Campaign

Modify is THRILLED to partner with Atlanta-based non-profit, WonderRoot. During the month of June, for every 'Together' watch sold, $20 will go to directly benefit our amazing non-profit partner. - WonderRoot is a family of designers, musicians, social justice workers and career volunteers.  Day in and day out these people come together to imagine a better world through the arts.  With a mission to unite artists and community to inspire positive social change, WonderRoot works to support artists to have successful professional careers while addressing issues of environmental justice, health and...

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Louisville2013 Cyclocross & Modify Watches: Are you Tough enough?

In February of 2013, in the great city of Louisville, cyclocross will take over the sporting world.  And Modify Watches is going to help.  Starting today, you can get your Louisville2013 Modify customized watch set on our website. You might think "cyclocross" sounds like a sport that involves unicycles and jousting or maybe cross-country moped races.  You would be mistaken.  Cyclocross is a combination of bike racing, steeple chasing and cross-country racing, with a hint of guerrilla warfare.  Cyclocrossers are so tough that for lunch, they actually eat people who just finished eating the...

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Entrepreneur Walk - Support a great cause, get yourself a great Mod

This week, people will be walking to benefit and support future entrepreneurs around the world through the Entrepreneur Walk.  Some of those walkers will be wearing some exclusive new dope watches from Modify.  Others will be wearing spandex.  The elite few will wear both.  Are you elite? The Entrepreneur Walk is run by the team at Entrepreneur Week, and will be held this Wednesday (4/18) at Chelsea Pier in New York.   The walk aims to raise $45,000 for entrepreneurship-focused non-profits, including HackNY, Enstitute and New York Tech Meetup.  If you are...

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