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S. Preston - An Unintentional Talent Mixed with Persistence and Creativity

S. Preston grew up in an Asian family, where the expectation was to be come a doctor or a lawyer. Saying that, he never imagined that he would be an artist. So, he always focused on the academics, all the while doodling in the margins of his text books. S. Preston bounced around in many careers, but his creativity always seemed to be a part of every job and helped him excel. So being an artist is a unintentional talent that has been nurtured throughout his life.      ...

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Ashil and Aaron go on an Adventure - Part 1 of 2

,For those of you who are new to Modify; Aaron and Ashil are the dynamic duo of Modify Watches (You can learn more about our team here). When we bring you your favorite sports teams, these are the guys that make it happen. Oh yes. We look good. And we make it happen.[/caption] Recently, the dynamic duo went to Minneapolis, Minnesota and Denver, Colorado to attend some big time conferences with NHL and MLS. We work hard here at Modify to bring you your favorite teams from the NBA, MLS, NHL and MLB. Here are some...

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