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Latest — Our Team

Ashil and Aaron go on an Adventure - Part 1 of 2

,For those of you who are new to Modify; Aaron and Ashil are the dynamic duo of Modify Watches (You can learn more about our team here). When we bring you your favorite sports teams, these are the guys that make it happen. Oh yes. We look good. And we make it happen.[/caption] Recently, the dynamic duo went to Minneapolis, Minnesota and Denver, Colorado to attend some big time conferences with NHL and MLS. We work hard here at Modify to bring you your favorite teams from the NBA, MLS, NHL and MLB. Here are some...

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ModiFile: Aaron, the Capital of Custom

Some folks are residents of a town. Some live in a city. There are the romantic types who are classified as Citizens of the World, the animatronic types that are Citizens of A Small, Small World, and the Reddit types who are Citizens of the Internet. But Aaron Schwartz is the most awesome kind of Vague Citizen. He's a Citizen of Capital Cities. Wait, before you mention that a Citizen of Capital Cities isn't a thing (and then mention that San Francisco, Cleveland and all the others are most certainly...

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ModiFile: Ayo the Office Running Back

Meet Ayo Oluwole, Nigerian-born, Columbia-educated, gridiron-toughened. Ayo (rhymes with "bio") is Modify's Chief Marketing Officer and resident Office Running Back. Office Running Back, you say? Office Running Back. Every office needs one, for morale, for the workhorse tendencies, for the patience real running back-ing requires and because, if you’re ever in a Zombie Apocalypse, they might survive and then zombie-you can say you knew someone who survived the Zombie Apocalypse. And, for the sake of the Modify office, an Office Running Back isn't anything like Terry Tate, Office Linebacker. But...

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ModiFile: Michelle = Customer Happiness Fulfilled

Lots of companies have corporate biographies online. And it makes sense that you, the consumer, might want to know something about us, the vendor/merchant/liaison/super dope maker of custom watches, prior to making a purchase. But those corporate bios are dry. They're overly flattering. They're heavy on credentials and light on any information that doesn't qualify as such. They're informative, but they're boring. We hate boring. So what did we do to that model? Stuck it in our figurative blender, added a zest of Modify, sprinkled in some love for hometown...

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ModiFile: Erik the 5-Tool Player

Sometimes, your first day on a job is seamless. But sometimes, it can turn into the real life manifestation of a reset switch. "I started the week after Modify was on Good Morning America," said Erik Kriessmann. "I came into the office and Aaron [Schwartz, CEO] was like, 'Wear shorts.'" "I was like, 'Wear shorts?' He's kidding right? So I come into work wearing corduroys, you know, pretty nice clothes, and he's like, 'You're gonna be sweating man.'" We had about 2,000 orders to fulfill within two days. I ended...

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