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Latest — Music

The Fontaines - Musical Road Trip to Our Little Watch Shop!

The Fontaines are a New-Wop band from Los Angeles, California that we had a pleasure to receive in our office in a Monday morning! They arrived at 10am, even after a show in the day before, and played some of their songs for us. We had so much fun and an amazing time together! What inspires you? The running of out time. Music feels like a diary I’m keeping of how I feel in an exact moment that I don’t want to forget. When did you get started and how?...

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BP² - Connected by the Sounds of Drum & Bass

BP²  (Boss Party and Boom Platoon) got started in 2012 by two unique crews, each connected by the resonant sounds of Drum & Bass. They all had the same goal in mind to do Drum & Bass events in the way they wanted to enjoy them . Their first event was called Up In The Jungle at SRB in Brooklyn. It's been a crazy 4 years since!   What inspires you? The music, all the DJ's we bring to our events including the ones who make up our crew. The fans....

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Tha Fly Nation - From a Hip-Hop Lifestyle Blog to all Media

Tha Fly Nation got started as a Hip-Hop Lifestyle blog in 2008 by Montez French. In that time, he was a broke web designer & interactive media student who couldn't afford an iPod, he'd upload music to his Tumblr account so that he could listen to music while he was in class. Over the course of 6 months, Tha Fly Nation gained about 7,000 followers and it became apparent that his hobby of posting music and videos was becoming something that people liked. Tha Fly Nation outgrew Tumblr and their...

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