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Kate DiMartino's Great Dane Club of Louisiana! #ModifyTheWorld

Many of our ModiFamily members put time in every day to fight for a cause they truly believe in. We want to start recognizing all of their noble work by featuring their stories on our blog. If you are a ModiFamily member who works, volunteers or supports a positive cause reach out to us on social with #ModifyTheWorld. We'd love to feature your story. This week's #ModifyTheWorld guest blog is from Katie DiMartino who works with the Great Dane Club of Louisiana.... ----- Hello Modify Watches! I'm Kate Di Martino, a...

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Susanne Vandegrift: May ModiFamily Member of The Month

With great customers, comes great responsibility. This is why we reward one Modify mega fan each month with the title, ModiFamily Member of The Month. May's winner is the spectacular Susanne Vandegrift who asked to be hooked up with our Smoke Strap + Chicago Cubs Face. Great choice! We asked Susanne to elaborate on her relationship with Modify. This is what she said... [caption id="attachment_3979" align="aligncenter" width="363"] Susanne's face collection. DOPE![/caption] Mod Member of the Month, say what? I am beyond excited about this awesome title and so honored to have been...

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Stephen Fowler's BowTie!

Who is Stephen Fowler and why is his awesome, limited-edition BowTie design getting put up for sale on our website? Well, you should know. YOU voted for it! That's right, Stephen's BowTie won our Mod-to-Order Fan Design Competition back in November. Now that Mod-to-Order is a real thing (see Kickstarter), we're adding Stephen's watch to our collection and so should you! Until Sunday, 6/1 you can pick up this watch face for only $25, which is $10 of it's normal price! Grab it here. We asked Stephen how his love and...

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Superfan, Nicholas Wetaz Shows His Colors!

We at Modify value our fans and their experiences with us more than anything else. It is our fans who allow us to smile everyday, which is why each month we pick a new ModiFamily Member of The Month (MFMOTM). This honor goes out to our most loyal fans who have Mod collections that even make us jealous. These fans share photos with us on social media and aren't afraid to communicate and tell us when we're doing a great job and when we can do better. These superfans, ladies...

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Introducing The Prism - Your Fan Design Competition Winner

Brandon Ortwein has been a ModiFamily Member since late 2011 when he bought his first set of MODs for Christmas. He has always been looking for ways to support the Modify brand and enjoys randomly Photoshopping Aaron into Time Magazine Covers.  As well as finding unique ways to "recycle" the Modify Watches packaging by using it to hold his ear buds. His winning design, "Prism" was the result of a personal design experiment in the graphics program Illustrator. While working in the program, he overlapped numerous angular shapes with color...

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