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ibii - Focus, Passion, Action, Listening and Thinking Outside the Box

ibii (i bring ideas and inspiration) is a movement, an inspirational character, a learning tool, and a personal pledge to be intentional about unleashing creativity and catching your dreams. Focus, passion, action, listening, and thinking outside the box are the tools that a child, an adult, a corporation, or an entire community can use to create change, give love, and spread positivity. ibii is not just a unique symbol though, it is also a verb, and a state of being. It's that constant motion that keeps us moving forward and...

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Marie-Claude Molnar - Dream Your Life. Live Your Dream.

"Dream your life. Live your dream. The choice is yours to make. Some are born an athlete, others to become one. That's me." As far as Marie-Claude can remember, sport has always played a big role in her life and she understood early that "if you wanted to do something great, you had to have a dream and objectives. Ask yourself "can I do this?" There is only one way to find out: TRY! You'll never know where it can take you." Back in July 2005, Marie wanted to find...

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Rightside - Education as a Tool to Discover and Develop Your Passions

I was formerly an investment banker. My path to investment banking was definitely less a product of my passions and more a product of America's achievement-obsessed culture, which manifests itself, I think, rather dangerously in many schools today. Too many schools are eliminating, or not adequately funding, subjects where kids can think critically and explore their passions, like art, and replacing them with things like standardized testing. As a result, I think that I, and too many of my peers, were guided down this path where we'd try to score...

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Justin Aerni - A Combination of Satire and Iconoclasm

American painter, sculptor, author, photographer, and filmmaker Justin Aerni has garnered global attention for his thought-provoking artwork that combines satire and iconoclasm while examining the great enigmas of our time. As popular as he is prolific, he has sold over 4,000 paintings worldwide within the past decade, and written and illustrated eight books.               Where do you find your inspiration? First off, Thanks for the interview. At first I was going to say I'm inspired by nature, pop culture and sex but as I'm...

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Eavesdropper - Snippets From Overheard Conversations Around New York

Mete Erdogan "Eavesdropper" has always drawn and doodled as a kid and it's been his outlet ever since. He considered design as a legitimate career option in 2007 when he visited a Pixar concept art exhibition. Mete was studying journalism at the time because he didn't really know what else he'd be good at to make a living out of. The exhibition just showed him that there are so many applications for people who can imagine and draw; set design, characters, type and graphics, storyboarding, model making, the list goes...

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