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Latest — Holidays

A Mod for All Seasons - the St. Patty's Day Mod

Hate getting pinched? We hope so. It hurts. Hate getting pinched AND enjoy St. Patrick's Day? Congratulations, you're like 99 percent of the Snake Ridding Celebrators. But you also have a problem: Green isn't the easiest color to work into your outfit. It's loud. It's specific. It's not blue. And these facts leave you, the St. Patrick's Day Observer/Pinch-Detester, in a precarious position. You normally can do one of three things. 1. Wear green, sacrifice sartorial integrity. Feel strange the following day for purchasing a green tie. 2. Wear green...

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Show the L-O-V-E! Our Valentine's Day Gift Guide Can Help

This is dedicated to the lovers... we've curated some discounted sets, special Mods and best-selling faces and straps that scream "I (HEART) YOU!" in a way flowers could never do for your sig-o. Save 30% on a 5-piece set for the special lady that makes your heart flutter. Enjoy $30 off our 5-piece V-Day set for the huggable hunk you looooove. And we even have a unisex 6-piece set (that's 9 different mixable-and-matchable looks) for only $100... you are welcome! Browse all 18 looks in our Valentine's Day Gift Guide...

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Did You Celebrate Cinco De Mayo Yesterday?

All kinds of important dates are coming up. Last week we celebrated the day we sent an American into space. Yesterday was May 5th, or Cinco De Mayo. Did you celebrate it? Today I thought it'd be fun to do a little write up that talks about this holiday and why we celebrate it here in the US. A little background In the 1800's, the French occupied Mexico and it was a source of a lot of anxiety, war, and turmoil for the Mexican people. After all, no one likes...

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