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Morley - Blending Humor, Hope and His Unique Perspective on Life

Morley discovered street art when he first moved to New York from Iowa at 18 years old. Street art drew him in because it was a method of self-expression that didn't require him to try and hustle an audience to give it a chance. Instead, it was bringing the work to the audience directly. It wasn't asking for permission and it had no agenda beyond just being seen. “It's always been wonderful to have the chance to speak into the lives of strangers and hopefully leave them just a little...

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OVE -Using Infinite Complexities of Shapes and Colors

When was the first moment you decided you wanted to be an artist? When I was a child, I had a passion for the computing world. I spend most of my time doing collages of my favorite rock artists (Green Day, Boston...). I was pretty interested on the drawings and forms on their shirts. Years later, I started studying programming. While my classmates were programming I was visiting websites about art and fashion. That’s when I was able to see and appreciate the sense of color by a 800x600 screen....

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Thane Koi - "Time Never Fail Us"

Born in this world as Christopher Jackson known by Thane Koi, on January 24th, 1992. He is multiracial with Black, Moroccan and Asian (Of Indian Descent).Thane was born in Los Angeles, California and moved & was raised in Carson, California. Growing up, he has participated in a host of acting workshops since age 10; He doesn't let his disability which is being deaf stop his ability of becoming Thane Koi today. He has debuted in fashion shows, commercials, T.V shows and more. Now, He is coming out with his first...

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PhiloSophies - A Wink, Heart­shaped Lips and Swoopy Bangs

The Story Behind philoSophie's® Sophie was "born" when Joanna was in her 20s working at a advertising agency in Boston. "I've always enjoyed illustrating and writing as a creative outlet," recalls Joanna. "And the more Isketched and doodled, the more I came back to a face with simple features - a wink,heart­shaped lips and swoopy bangs." Joanna is also an avid journaler, frequently jotting down her own 'philosophies'. Joanna first married her two obsessions when she handmade greeting cards featuring hercharacter and her philosophies for a holiday arts and crafts...

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K.Joseph Watches - Clean Lines and Simplicity

K.Joseph Watches was born March 1, 2010. We started out selling swiss made K.Joseph Watches which we still do. After sometime we realize that we needed an introductory line. After some due diligence we found Modify to assist us we our new introductory line. What inspires you? I'm an artist at heart. I'm inspired by creating a body of work that will be around long after i'm gone. How has your work made a difference, do you have a fan story? I believe my work is making/made a difference in...

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