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The Wedding Proposal

Here at Modify, we've always had a special bond with the wedding community.  Here's a guest post from ModiFamily member, Reginald Onyido, that takes the relationship to the Next LEVEL.  We think this is pretttttty amazing... or, rather, we know it is. Enjoy! - - - My girlfriend (and now current fiancé) have been in love with Modify Watches for years and been together just as long. When one of us purchased a Mod, the other had to get one as well. The Proposal: I took her to the place...

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Small Group Gifts

Lots of folks are asking to do custom watches for their groups, teams at work, or for re-sale. We've done a pretty robust custom watches business over the last three years, having worked with plenty of BIG brands that hit our order minimums. Well, now with Mod-to-Order, we can do custom watches for YOUR group / team / club / business too. Our goal is to raise $50,000 to enable our ModiFamily to get fully custom watches. We call it Mod-to-Order, our take on “Made to Order.” You want a watch with...

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The Bachelor Couple Gifts Modify Watches

The Modify team has, um, very few people who are married, who have actually had to worry about wedding party gifts. Now, we're all lovers, not fighters; but only Charlie (gifts: engraved flasks & playing cards) and Ashil have actually taken the plunge. Into the scary ravine of commitment. The rest of us are working on more simple commitments Justin - committed to hokiness. "Oh man, you're in deep shitake" (for example) Erik - committed to eating everything in sight. And pushing some MLB Watches in hopes of joining a...

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Show the L-O-V-E! Our Valentine's Day Gift Guide Can Help

This is dedicated to the lovers... we've curated some discounted sets, special Mods and best-selling faces and straps that scream "I (HEART) YOU!" in a way flowers could never do for your sig-o. Save 30% on a 5-piece set for the special lady that makes your heart flutter. Enjoy $30 off our 5-piece V-Day set for the huggable hunk you looooove. And we even have a unisex 6-piece set (that's 9 different mixable-and-matchable looks) for only $100... you are welcome! Browse all 18 looks in our Valentine's Day Gift Guide...

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Mod Of The Month Club - 2 for me, 1 for you

  2014: the year of the horse. Resolving to be even more dope than in 2013? There are 44 ways to do just that, but today, we'll focus on the simplest of resolutions: JOIN THE MOD OF THE MONTH CLUB! Giddyup. First things first: this is a monthly watch subscription service. Yes, you get to choose one face and one strap out of like a zillion combinations to be delivered. Every. Single. Month. Savings? Yerp, we've got those too. Plans start at only $28/month. AAAAAND when it's all said and...

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