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Latest — Derek Jeter

Baseball season is here! And Brian Wilson's beard is still strong.

Baseball is finally back again!  And Modify Watches couldn't be happier. MLB just kicked off the first spring training games last weekend, and the fans of 30 different teams could not be more excited.  This is the time of year that Cubs fans can truly dream and Cleveland Indians fans (sorry Aaron) can taste real optimism... at least until the regular seasons starts and they inevitably implode.  Most important, Brian Wilson brought his beard along to Spring Training, which means that watching him pitch will remain an absolute pleasure, regardless of the results....

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Derek Jeter Gift Watch @ Modify Watches

Let's play a little game called word association.  When we say "Englebert", the first thing that comes to your mind is obviously "Humperdink".  When we say "watches that look so good on you that you don't need to wear clothes", we're guessing you're thinking "Modify".  But when we say "Derek Jeter", you may either think 1) "OMG, what a delicious piece of man-meat he is.  I'd like to have him and some avocado in a tasty sandwich." or 2) "The Captain - I can't believe there might be an inning...

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