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Latest — Daniel Pena

Daniel Pena - Now known as Diuon

Daniel Pena is a Mexican graphic designer and illustrator. His works showcase vibrant color palettes, with a surrealist and tragic pop influence. When did you get started and how? Well, I have always studied many art influenced careers. I am actually studying Graphic Design. Professionally I have a little bit more than 2 years working with a defined style (Digital), and a brand name Diuon. When you see that your work is seen by many people and they like it, is when you really want to spend more time on your...

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Daniel Peña Interview

Shop Daniel Peña Watches Where do you find your inspiration? In everything, while I'm listening music, when I see an image, pattern, colour. Some of my work are inspired on songs and I imagine an scene, sometimes I am seeing an object that like me and make an mental image how I can modify, play whit it, do it ridiculous, strange and many are alive!, always have some that make me lets create. What is your ideal day? My ideal to create will be if I were in the middle of...

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