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Modify Fights Cancer With The American Cancer Society

Hate is such a strong word. So strong, we normally would never use it, but today is a little different. On this day, we are happy to shout, WE HATE BREAST CANCER, which is why we've partnered with the American Cancer Society (ACS) to create a custom "Fight Breast Cancer" watch face to help end the terrible disease! Our custom watch is featured in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer virtual goodie bag. If you're not familiar with Making Strides, they are the largest network of breast cancer awareness events in the nation. Awesome, right?! You...

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Stephen Fowler's BowTie!

Who is Stephen Fowler and why is his awesome, limited-edition BowTie design getting put up for sale on our website? Well, you should know. YOU voted for it! That's right, Stephen's BowTie won our Mod-to-Order Fan Design Competition back in November. Now that Mod-to-Order is a real thing (see Kickstarter), we're adding Stephen's watch to our collection and so should you! Until Sunday, 6/1 you can pick up this watch face for only $25, which is $10 of it's normal price! Grab it here. We asked Stephen how his love and...

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Brett Whitacre! Brett Whitacre!

We're proud to announce a collaboration with Brett Whitacre. You can buy his piece, Rotations, here. [caption id="attachment_3915" align="aligncenter" width="604"] This guy![/caption] We were introduced to Brett through his brother-in-law, an avid Modify'er who we only hang out with because of his association with Brett. Why do we care about Brett? Because he's a killer artist. Nothing wrong with being cool by association. . He designed four watches, which were all featured on our Instagram and Facebook page . The winner was "Rotations", which we're now featuring on our website!! "b" is the...

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The Customizablog: Proper Cloth

October of 2008 probably won't go down in history as The Greatest Month to Launch a Start-Up Ever. It also probably won't go down in history as The Second Greatest Month to Launch A Start-Up Ever. Nor will it go down as the Third, or Fourth, or 1,038th Greatest Month to Launch A Start-Up Ever. October 2008 was not a great time to start anything, much less an endeavor which required infrastructure, capital and inventory. But no matter, because while the Dow Jones Industrial Average was Slinky-ing its way to...

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No, you can't put *anything* on a watch.

Sooooooooooooooooo, we finished our Kickstarter campaign on March 28 and, with the support of nearly 800 people, we are officially able to do one-off production of custom watches in San Francisco. Get Excited. What's really cool about creativity is that it's protected. By a little something called TRADEMARK LAW. So while our fans are able to put photos they took, or their own artwork, or their brand's logo for cool team gifts, they can not send us a photo of Childish Gambino (nee Donald Glover) and wear it. Because CG/DG...

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