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Latest — Artist Interview

Make Believe - An Abstract Story Teller

Make Believe is an illustrative project from Montreal artist Sebastien Pedeches, who started with it fourteen months ago. He wanted to find fresh ways to play with still life photography. He created a solid set of limitations, and found ways to be creative with it."Make Believe" is based on the collection of objects and elements from various city streets, parks, construction sites and second hand stores. The structure is very playful. He picks things off the streets, use props from various strange stores, and people give him a lot of things...

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Carolina Seth - A Fate that was Sealed

Since very young, Carolina Seth was always doing something creative; painting and making things. She remembers her mom keeping empty boxes and even empty egg cartons because she would always find a way to use them to create something. At school Carolina doodled on her textbooks, the teachers often told her parents that "her head was in the clouds" or daydreaming. When Carolina was five, she won a children's national painting contest in Spain. Shortly after, she announced that she wanted to be an artist. So, that day her fate...

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Elia Colombo - An Experiment of Life

Elia Colombo gave his fist steps in the art's field when he was in the Design School in Milano by combining his newly acquired technical skills with his passion for drawing. After graduation from University, Elia deeply focused on vector graphics, mostly experimenting, until that eternal experiment (still in progress) became his job. He likes to think of what he does as an experiment (an experiment of life) rather than a job.       For Elia, inspiration is a phase, a kind of atmosphere, and that everything can be...

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Rubiel Art - Textures and Colors Together

Rubiel has always been into stuff like doodling, but never thought about painting. He always did sketches and charcoal work. He started painting around the end of 2012, and once he started he couldn't stop, "It’s like my brain was like “finally”!".     What inspires you? Everything really, I’m always wondering/curious what certain textures and colors look like together and go from there. I love exploring different techniques to see what works and what doesn’t. Music is another thing that gets me going; from rap to 80’s alternative I’m...

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Livinlikelarz - A Professional Storyteller

Larissa May, also known as @livinlikelarz, is a style blogger, creative consultant, and founder of #HALFTHESTORY, an Instagram campaign, which aims to challenge the status quo of millennials, by encouraging students to change the lens in which they view other “social stories,” and to serve as a platform to gain support around entrepreneurship, innovation, and discovery. #HALFTHESTORY began last October when Larissa was at New York Fashion Week. She was running from the Betsey Johnson show to AOL HQ to hear DVF speak. "I remember getting lost on the subway,...

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