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Paulien Stuut - A Chaotic and Sensitive Soul

Paulien Stuut was six years old when she started following some art lessons. Everyone around her was playing with dolls and stuff like that, but she always wanted to draw. She drew on everything she could find: "not everyone was happy with that". Art has always been in her life and always will."For me, art was a way to express my emotions. Later on I realized it was more than just that and started to grow as an artist."And now, many years later, she had several exhibitions with her art...

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Mobarick Abdullah III - A Colorful Way of Expression

Mobarick Abdullah III was always drawing on things and putting his drawing in little art shows at school when he was a kid. His friends and teachers always seemed to like what he did, so he pursued classes and even graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. But that was more of a graphic design background. Mobarick really started painting in the style we see now about four year ago. "I think I was a little depressed or something at the time, and my girlfriend brought home some blank canvases and...

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Yumee Chan - Sharing Love and Respect

Laury has always been passionate about art. She started to draw as soon as she was able to hold a pencil and when she was 6 years old she started taking painting classes. Laury learned a lot for 12 years with the same teacher. She learned many mediums, beginning with acrylic, then oil painting, pastels and watercolors. She was really interested into oil painting. It developed her passion for the forms, the colors, and soon she wanted this passion to become her work. She studied Applied art and did a preparatory class...

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Neeti Goswami - Making Eternal an Amazing Folk Art

Although Neeti Goswami has been drawing and making art since she was a child, she professionally started working as an illustrator and media artist in 2015. Neeti is an artist based in Toronto, Canada. She focuses on art inspired by Mandana - the traditional folk art of India and each design that she creates is unique, more remarkable and impressive than the last one. What inspires you? I remember visiting my grandmother who lived in Sawai Madhopur, a small town which exhibits one of the richest, most influential art that India...

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Wawawiwa - The Perfect Mix of Reality and Cuteness

When Andres Colmenares was a kid he used to draw a lot, but for a long period he stopped doing it. He got back to drawing and illustrating in 2008 as a hobby when he moved to Miami where didn't know anyone leaving him a bunch of free time. Wawawiwa was born in 2010 when Andres started wondering what would happen if he shared his work on the social media. Andres always uses Adobe Illustrator to create his comics, and for a while he used to work with his  laptop's...

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