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Savvy Kid - Graffiti and Hip Hop Inspiration


Omar Dawkins began building the foundation for his brand Savvy Kid back in 2012 but this is something that has been in the making long before that. He has been drawing and making art since he was a child and even when he learned how to write his name he would draw a character of some sort.  Omar always have been a huge fan of art in all forms: "I would say most of my art work comes from a hip hop graffiti influenced lifestyle". Once he got his degree in graphic design, he began brainstorming ways to create a brand that would stand out from the rest. His process is to always think outside the box and look for things to inspire his art. Apart from working on his own brand, Omar does a ton of freelance work for independent clients as well as other brands, from clothing, musicians, food companies etc. Working with other clients has helped him identify and distinguish his brand oppose to others and develop something unique that mirrors all the hard work that it is put into Savvy kid.  

SAvvy Kid

What Inspires Me.

What inspires me most as an artist are other artist, other brands doing the same thing I like to learn from the artwork I see, business ideas and marketing strategies. Besides being influenced by other artist, I find that I’m very much influence by things that occur in everyday life, whether its on TV, internet, Social media etc. Illustration vectors and pop art have been my most recent inspiration with a deep passion for graffiti, hip hop and street art.

How has my work made a difference.

I like to think my work has made a difference in most people that appreciates art. I always have people of all ages compliment and say how they love the artwork on the Savvy Kid brand. I been told that the work I produce is simple but clever which is pretty much on point. I always enjoy collaborating with other artist and brands. When I see kids on the street that admire my work I try to give them a story on that character or design sometimes I even give them a sticker as memorabilia.

Big events coming up

At the moment I’m working on coordinating a pop up shop event for my Brand that will occur every quarter, that will showcase new artwork and merchandise, free giveaways and prize raffles. Also some career days and launch events are in the works. More info will be available on @SavvykidConcepts IG page or the website


Savvy Kid


                Savvy KidSavvy Kid


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