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Ramshakle Skateboards - Get Inspired by Anything Outside Your Own Abilities


For as long as Nic Clarke, from Ramshakle Skateboards, can remember he had always wanted a video camera. When Nic was 15 he got his first job at Pizza Hut and when he got his first weeks pay the first place he went was the camera store. Nic had made just a little over $100 so he bought what he could afford: "possibly the worst digital camera ever. It shot half a megapixel photos and could record for up to 15 seconds of video". He was beyond hyped with this thing and used it nearly every day down at the skatepark until he moved towns and his new next door neighbour also skated and had a way better video camera than him. Nic would borrow it so much that he basically got banned from using it so he thought it was time to purchase his first professional camera. He saved and saved and after a few months he had made enough. Everyone in town who skated wanted to come film. They started taking tricks a little more seriously and everyone started progressing and this led to travelling. Always trying to find new spots. Meeting new people. "A few years pass by like this and one day you realise you've just created a hugh social network of talented peeps." After getting a job working at a skate distro Nic started to learn a lot about the industry, and his boss offered an opportunity to launch a brand. "We had just put out an independent video not long before and I had just been screening Tshirts and hoodies and making DVDs and all that and I guess he could see how there was already a fair bit of groundwork there to transition the whole thing into a brand". After working under (and being owned by) a distribution there were a lot of compromises that had to be made with team riders and what products they could put into production and where everything was coming from. "After a while I guess they just wanted to dilute the brand and focus on other things that were working better for them. Myself and Waylon Hendricks parted ways with Surplus and ever since we have been 100% skater owned and operated."

Ramshakle Skateboards

What inspires you?

I get inspired by anything outside my own abilities. People that are doing things that I would just completely fail at or cant comprehend how something is done. I like trying to figure out how things work, like just looking around a room and thinking who designed that door knob, what was the process? why do every pair of pants I own have ykk written on the zipper? Is this ykk company the biggest brand you've never heard of? everyone wears pants! Trying to find out things inspire me. Learning and listening to people who know more than I do.

How has your brand made a difference?

We have a lot of strong personalities on our team and we dont try to mask anyones choice of style. We just want to show people they can be themselves. Create your own style instead of trying to copy someone else.

Are there any big events coming up the audience should know about?

We recently premiered our first full length team video which I was super stoked the way everything came together. That should be online soon somewhere, or parts of it anyway. We're just trying to coordinate a few things with that at the moment. Apart from that, everyone one the team has been constantly ripping so theres going to be a lot more viewing pleasure on the horizon.

                   Ramshakle Skateboards


    ramshakleskateboards  ramshakleskateboards ramshakleskateboards


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