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Peter Kuper - Creating Art with Comics


Peter Kuper has been a comic book reader since he was a kid--Marvel comics by Jack Kirby especially and Mad magazine, then later underground comics, R. Crumb et al. When he hit high school there wasn't anything he wanted to do (or could do!) more than comics. Peter moved to NYC (from Cleveland) when he was 18 and never looked back (though he did visit plenty!). He began as an illustrator and kept doing comics even though it was hard to find any outlets. Peter and his friend decided to publish a magazine as a way to get their work and work they liked out into the world. They called it World War 3 illustrated. After 38 years they are still publishing it along with a large group of other contributors.

            Peter Kuper

"Lots of sweat and lots of luck have landed me many great jobs. I've been drawing and writing Spy vs Spy for Mad since 1997 and for the last three years I've taught a course on comics at Harvard. Who would have figured?!"

What inspires you?

Love and fear. Love of the world around me, particularly New York City, fear that at the rate we are going we'll destroy it all.Contrary to that I'm basically a very happy person, but that's mostly because I love my work, marriage, daughter and friends.

How has your work made a difference, do you have a fan story?

Oh, I'm happy to say I've had people tell my work helped them or changed their life in a positive way.
I always hope that my work does that, but I'd do what I do regardless. I have to draw!

                      Peter Kuper

Are there any big events coming up the audience should know about?

I just won an Eisner award ("the Oscar of comics") for my graphic novel Ruins. My Monarch butterfly watch designs are taken from that book. Ruins is also translated into French and Spanish and a Portuguese edition is coming out in Brazil in December. There will also be a new edition of my book Sticks and Stones coming out in Brazil in September. I have an exhibition at the Scott Eder gallery which can also be seen online and next Spring I'll be having an exhibition in Munich. My next book Kafkaesque a collection of Kafka short stories adapted into comics will be published in the Spring of 2017 and a book of interviews I've done over the years will be published this October 2016 by Mississippi University Press.

              Peter Kuper
Photo at the Eisner Awards with Congressman John Lewis. 

              Peter KuperPeter Kuper

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