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Morley - Blending Humor, Hope and His Unique Perspective on Life


Morley discovered street art when he first moved to New York from Iowa at 18 years old. Street art drew him in because it was a method of self-expression that didn't require him to try and hustle an audience to give it a chance. Instead, it was bringing the work to the audience directly. It wasn't asking for permission and it had no agenda beyond just being seen. “It's always been wonderful to have the chance to speak into the lives of strangers and hopefully leave them just a little bit better off than they were before they stumbled across my message.”


What inspires you?

I'm not too picky in where I find inspiration so I look everywhere. Primarily though I find it in my relationships with my friends and family. The struggles they face and the day-to-day observations I make about them. Of course, I try to draw from my own experiences as well. I think if I expect anyone to relate to something I've written, I would need to feel it comes from an honest place within myself.

How has your work made a difference, do you have a fan story?

In the beginning I never imagined that my art would mean much to anyone. One of the reasons that I was drawn to street art was that it didn't require me to experience rejection. I could put it up and forget about it- and not worry if the right people liked it or not. I could just hope that whoever needed to see it got the chance. When I started posting stuff online and giving people a way to reach out to me I was worried that I'd get a lot of hate mail or people looking to have me arrested. As it turned out, the response I've gotten over the years has been so encouraging and wonderful that it's the main reason that I've kept doing what I do all these years. I've had a number of people tell me that something I've made kept them from taking their life- because it was the right words at the right moment. This is of course a tremendous feeling- knowing that I've helped in that way, but it's important for me to remember that it's not really ME that did it. It was God or the universe or serendipity or whatever you'd like to call it. I can't take much credit for that person, going through that emotion and at just the right moment stumbling over a message that they needed to read. I just paste these things up and hope for the best. I let a force much larger than myself do the rest.


Are there any big events coming up the audience should know about?

I have a gallery show at a place called eWKUKs which is at 527 N. Fairfax Ave in Los Angeles. That show runs until the end of September and to close out the show I'll be doing a live pasting event that people can watch and take part in, so that should be fun for anyone who can make it down.




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