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Masumah Jannah - Touched by Each and Every Flower Petal


Masumah Jannah has always loved taking photographs of anything and everything really. Anything that looks pretty, that sparkles or even just looks a little unusual. At the beginning it was using a camera on a mobile device, but after she began looking at different photographic styles and the work of other photographers, the limitations of such a basic camera began to become quite frustrating. She couldn't control the aperture, the shutter speed or the exposure on any of her photographs so she'd be forced to spend hours editing a single shot to mimic these settings.

However, over the Summer of 2015 Masumah worked with a group of people on a Photography project to show the journey of drug addicts through their rehabilitation: "It was a very interesting project and being able to use professional cameras was undoubtedly the best part! This experience ultimately tipped me to find a DSLR for myself".


This poppy was the first ever DSLR photograph taken by her, in order to represent the hope of a new life and fresh beginning for the drug addicts after their rehabilitation.
As well as photography, calligraphy had been a little hobby of Masumah for a long time: "I think it's an art which is completely timeless and the variety and flexibility of it is just undeniably fascinating. It is really a very simple art, but yet very powerful at the same time. I tend to freestyle when I'm practicing my calligraphy, but I always think it is a lot more fun when you try to mimic and learn an established traditional style...especially because I'd definitely seize any opportunity to learn something new! ;)"


What inspires you?

As cliche as it may sound...I can't deny the fact that it is definitely nature. I feel touched by the colors, the delicateness and intricacy of each and every single leaf; each and every flower petal. I really do not like staging photographs and believe the beauty of being able to take a photo is by being able to do so without having touch or artificially meddle with your subject. Natural light works the best for me too, because everything looks beautiful in the sun. But, it's not only the sunshine which I appreciate; call it rain, snow or lightning...I love to capture all the seasons!

I also love to see things which are a bit different to the norm. I love traveling so any change of environment is the biggest inspiration for me. I recently look my camera to the Middle East where I focussed on capturing the difference in culture and tradition. From simple things such as palm trees and sandy beaches to the famous Red Sea, incredible architectural works and the traditional date markets...I managed to capture a little bit of them all to take home with me!




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