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ibii - Focus, Passion, Action, Listening and Thinking Outside the Box


ibii (i bring ideas and inspiration) is a movement, an inspirational character, a learning tool, and a personal pledge to be intentional about unleashing creativity and catching your dreams. Focus, passion, action, listening, and thinking outside the box are the tools that a child, an adult, a corporation, or an entire community can use to create change, give love, and spread positivity. ibii is not just a unique symbol though, it is also a verb, and a state of being. It's that constant motion that keeps us moving forward and collectively getting closer to our goals.


What inspires you?
I am inspired by the endless possibilities that are available when people come together. These days, the most interesting things that make each person different have become the wedges in society instead of a junction. I've seen what can happen when otherness is a source of value and not indifference. My experiences have taught me that the highest levels of thought and creativity grow out of vested collaboration; when people have a stake in the challenge itself and the other members of the group they are facing it with. My ibii helps me to remember that I am in this world, this life, with others that are as much like me as they are different.

What problem do you wish to solve? How?
A challenge our generation is facing is a lack of solidarity which inhibits idea generation. I want people to feel accountable to one another. With ibii, they will work together to come up with creative solutions for a variety of issues. With more open minds working together on the problems we face, then communities and the world can be changed. Although this is worldwide problem, the solution starts with the individual. That is why I am ibii. i bring ideas and inspiration.


How has your work made a difference, do you have a fan story?
One of my most favorite ibii stories is a recent one. I work with a group of business owners in Atlanta that had gotten together to create a afterschool program to improve the culture and test scores of a poorly performing elementary school. Each one knew about ibii, and in their own way had become ibii ambassadors themselves. When deciding how to kick off the program, the group chose to have an ibii themed back to school party. Together, we came up with educational games for the kids to play and get them excited about staying after school each week for this supplemental program. Instead of the students feeling singled out for their low grades or behavior, they were celebrated and inspired by group of people who were truly cared about their progress. Now focus, passion, action, listening, and thinking outside the box is how these kids approach new ideas and discover new concepts.

What does it mean to be an ibii ambassador?
It means your are focused. You have big dreams and you work hard to reach them, always helping others remember to concentrate on what is truly important.
It means that you are passionate. You share hope and love wherever you go. Even when the sun isn't shining, your smile shines to help brighten the day.
It means you take action. You are never afraid to explore new places or try new things. A doer who knows that each small step in the right direction can create big change in the world.
It means you think outside the box. You bring creativity to every situation. Understanding that when a few open minds get work together, the possibilities are endless.


How can one be a part of ibii?
Being apart of ibii is easy. Just take the ibii pledge and start bringing ideas and inspiration wherever you go. Then, tag @freeibii on instagram or twitter and show us how you ibii. We regularly update our site with news and tips about love and positivity around the world. You can also log on and get ibii gear to let everyone know you are ibii.

The ibii pledge
I am ibii
I bring ideas and inspiration
I am focused and passionate.
I take action and I love others.
I listen to understand.
And I think outside the box.
I am bold.
I am inspired.
I am ibii.




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