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Anna Tillett - A Love for Spending Time Painting Sour-Faced Sweets


Anna Tillett has loved art and drawing since forever. When she was little she scribbled and doodled her heart out, and filled many sketchbooks. The elementary school she went to had Art day or Music day once a week alternating every other week, and she always pined for Art week. The next art class that Anna would take wouldn't be until high school, and it was in high school that she knew she wanted to pursue art in college. One day Memphis College Art came to speak to her high school AP Art class, and the rest is history. Four years later Anna had earned a B.F.A in illustration, and solidified her love for all things BBQ and Elvis.

Anna Tillett

What inspires you?

Lots of things inspire me, but most of my inspiration comes from pop culture, word play, and vintage children's books. I love cheesy puns and word play and try to incorporate a sense of humor in most of the characters that I create. I also like to reference pop culture in my illustrations with a nod to current culture or childhood nostalgia.


How has your work made a difference, do you have a fan story?

I don't have a particular fan story, but it's always wild to see where your art ends up. My art has sold to individuals from all over the world, celebrities, and even in nationwide chains through licensing my art for product packaging. You just never know who your art will connect with, and that's what makes it so surprising and exciting.

               Anna Tillett


               Anna TillettAnna Tillett

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