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Ale Garza - Portraying Beautiful and Strong Women


Ale Garza started working professionally at the age of 17 when he self published his own comic book, Weezul, and sold 3000 copies nationwide... "Wayyyy back in 1995!" In the days of snail mail, ugh... From there Ale went on to start working at Wildstorm/DC Comics and began his career that's now lasted 20 plus years!

                         Ale Garza

What inspires you?

My kids! My wife! My family! Friends! All the amazing people I've known in my life have added so much beauty and knowledge to my very being... Can't imagine a single day without any of them.

How has your work made a difference, do you have a fan story?

Over the years I've had many grateful fans who've made faithful treks to the many comic book conventions I attend annually... The interactions I have with them is incomparable... The latest being a 10 year old boy whom I just met this past year at San Diego Comic Con... I was packing up getting ready to leave and he and his dad came running up excited to have finally met me in person... His knowledge on books that I did before he was born was pretty amazing! Sitting there chatting with him about some of my past projects, watching him jitter with excitement, it made all those long sleepless nights at the drawing board worth it!

                           Ale Garza


Are there any big events coming up the audience should know about?

I have three major conventions coming up to wrap this year up... Palm Springs, Long Beach, and San Antonio... Some big announcements in San Antonio over Halloween weekend! Aside from that just promoting my new company, And the return to my creator owned book Ninja Boy!


             Ale GarzaAle Garza

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