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Edreys Wajed Interview


Edreys Wajed. Translation: "One who masters the pen" obviously he's going to have some pretty dope designs. Find out more about Edreys here!
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Where do you find your inspiration?


In general, I'm creatively wired, so during anything from a driving commute, to reading, listening to music or a casual conversation, ideas are constantly popping up. But mostly, I find my inspiration in the actual habit of "doing," and full committal to my daily drawing process, as looking and waiting for an inspiration has often paralyzed my creative steam engine from ever getting started. So, I'm all about the action of doing, whether striking gold or striking out. Do! Do! Do!

What has been the best moment in your career?


I've had many highlights, but there are two that seem to sit the deepest with me. The first would be story boarding, conceptualizing and co-directing my first music video and having it debuted in a popular and commercial cinema in my hometown, (Buffalo). Second, would have to be curating my own solo show in an art gallery that was owned and operated by my wife and I some years ago. Most recently, I'm very proud of this feature with Modify!

What is your ideal day?
My ideal day is routinely waking around 4:30/5:00a.m., meditating for 30 minutes thereafter; writing in my journal; reading something inspirational; exercising and then officially beginning my morning with a bowl of oatmeal after dropping my children off at school. As the day progresses, my wife and I get right into our crafts, whether it's her baking or cooking and I tend to freelance designing and personal product design from drawings to jewelry. Closing the day with dinner, family time and a snack in front of the TV watching Shark Tank, Blackish, Chopped or the likes.

Who is your role model?


I have a conglomerate of role models that I look to for certain attributes. My mother's perseverance and kindness, my father's genius. My sister's wisdom. My wife and children are also great role models and teachers for me. These are people that I can actually reach out, touch, interact with speak with. What I learn, I hope to apply in my life in order to be someone else's role model and inspiration. But if I had to select from a more well known, public figure per se, Pharrell Williams is doing everything that I've envisioned doing for years.

What is your dream project?


My dream project is to establish a collective and creative space for youth to explore and express themselves artistically through dance, art and music, establishing lifelong mentee/mentor relationships with experts in their respective fields of interest. Bill Strickland of the Manchester Craftsman's Guild in Pittsburgh is a great example of such an initiative. Otherwise, having my art be the conduit for great collaborations in various markets.

What is the best piece of advice you have received?
Do the things you fear and success will be yours, for all things will be provided if only you listen.

For what in life do you feel most grateful?
Optimal health and a wonderful family to love and be loved by. Sappy, but it's more valuable that anything that money can afford.

If you could work with another artist, who would it be and what would you work on?
Again, I'd have to say Pharrell. His interest in leaving the world a better place than in the condition he received it in is where my heart is as well. So, I'd like to see how I too could incorporate my art and creativity into recycling and repurposing plastics and other recyclables to reduce waste while creating innovative products and solutions to improve lives of the impoverished.

What's the single most important skill you've learned to be successful at creating art?

Finding my own creative spiritual voice and obeying it! Do! Do! Do!

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