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Na'eem Hall Interview


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Where do you find your inspiration?
Honestly I draw my inspirations from everyday life, a person can say a word that has a certain flare to it or a witty phrase that catches my attention and my mind will just start going. The trails and tribulations of my life are also inspirational. My  mind is constantly rapping so anything can turn into a song. 
What is your dream project?                                  
First an for most I'm a rapper and I'm not quitting my day job, not to sound to cliche I would love to get into acting, I mean I took theater in junior high and throughout high school and it's truly passion of mine. So to be able to play a role in a movie or should I say a successful movie and to be able to do songs on a sound track, yeah I would have to say wound be my dream project.
What is the best advice you have received?                         
My mom would always tell me " Do what you have to do and then you can do what you want to do and never be afraid to fail". I say those two things to myself everyday. 
Who is your role model?                             
I would have to say my brother Marco who I  recently lost to a tragic death, he was a go get er  and  he taught me to go get what you want outta life, cause you're only allotted a certain amount of time so live everyday like it's your last.
What is the most important skill you have learned to be successful in creating arts?                                  
Keep your ear to the streets cuz what's hot in the streets is what's hot in music... what's current in the streets is what's current in music, and if you want success in this industry then make a hit! Period point blank they can't deny you if you have something people are listening to. And by all means stay true to yourself, if you're not doing something that's not really you then people will know.
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