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A Modify Thanksgiving


Happy Turkey Day everyone!!

Over at Modify, we're thankful for a lot of things. We have great families, we're in San Francisco (Cheers to warm Thanksgivings), we work for a great company (and Aaron didn't even make me say that!), and we have amazing fans. Of course that's just to name a few things.  Check out what each of us said we're thankful: 

Marisol: I'm thankful for Maria Soledad and George Burgueno. They've inspired me to do what I love and encourage me to see the world. 

Kevin: I'm thankful for the good health that has been bestowed upon my family, friends and me. 

Aaron: I'm thankful for my parents who gave me every opportunity in the world to succeed...and keep supporting me even when I do crazy things like start companies :)

Daniel: I'm thankful for Team Modify, with whom over nearly the past two years I've been able to grow not only in my career, but as an individual.

Michael: I'm thankful for my family who has given me everything I have and taught me to be the best person I can be.

Ashil: I'm super thankful that I've had the opportunity to cultivate an environment where people get to celebrate their creativity and truly be themselves. Modify's a place where often times you forget you're at work, not because of a lack of focus, but because of the emphasis on happiness. When you get to spend 30% of your day in that kind of space, life is pretty good.

Jae: I'm thankful for all the musicians out there making good music. KEEP MAKING THEM PLEASE. To everyone else, support your musicians by buying their albums and their merchandise so they can keep making music you love.

Annie: I'm thankful for my mom and all of the effort she has put in to make sure that  I have the best life. Without her, I would not have a great education or the opportunity to experience so many places.  

Thomas: I'm thankful for my two older siblings, who give me amazing support, endless good times, and wonderful examples on how to be a good human being.

Virginia: I'm thankful for my mom. She is the best and always have my back. 

Happy Thanksgiving!
Your ModiFamily

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