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Shoko Ryu Interview


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When was the first moment you decided you wanted to be an artist?
When I started to draw again.
We never realized how large the drawings were until we saw this photo!
Where do you find your inspiration?
I find everywhere. Nature, street, people, traveling, life experiences.
If you could work with another artist, who would it be? / who is your favorite artist?
Paula Bonet. She is one of my favorite Artist as well:)
What has been the best moment in your career?
Always. Especially when the people tells me they can be happy if they see my art and get inspiration.
All the bright colors make us happy :)
What is your ideal day?
Wake up late morning, put on my favorite music, and all day long draw/paint what I like.
Who is your role model?
My grandma. She is 85 years old. She is still working as sales lady of the cosmetics.
If you could do anything, what would it be?
I want to travel all over the world to paint.
Why do you create art?
Because I like it :).
Short and sweet, we like it :).
What art do you most identify with?
Visual art.
How has your art changed throughout your life?
Made my life happier.
There is something about a drawing of mason jars that is oddly satisfying. Probably our inner hipsters coming out...
What is your dream project?
One day I want to paint on the big wall with many artists to send a message  "hope, happiness and love".
What is the best piece of advice you have received?
There is equal between us, "24 hours a day ".
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