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30 Days of Mod With Kelly Bouwman!


The following is a guest post by former ModiFamily Member of The Month, Kelly Bouwman, who decided to do 30 Days of Mod. Yep, she wore a different Mod every day for 30 days! We think she's one of the coolest people in the world... ---- kelly1 My obsession for Modify watches start almost a year ago, when they were featured on GMA. I was really excited about the different options that were available. I soon had chosen my first watch face, Urban Cleansing with the pink strap, and the obsession began! Soon after getting my first set my collection grew. I shared (and still do) my amazing find with everyone I met. Soon I had my mother, brother, sister-in-law, and even close friends on the Mod train! I get so many complements on my watches all the time, so I carry business cards in my purse. I find myself being a Mod cheerleader and I have even talked to business owners about developing a watch. One day in May, the light bulb clicked on! I was checking out Facebook and I was reading about people doing different types of challenges. I thought, why not do 30 days of Mod?!?! And the challenge began…………. kellyfirstThe first day was easy! I chose the Pink face with the sky blue strap. As the challenge went on, my options were endless. Every day for the 30 days I posted them on Instagram and Facebook to share my experience with all my family and friends! I had some people ask me what is this all about? I tell them all about Modify Watches and all the different modifying I can do! Throughout the 30 days I had a lot of great feedback from my friends on Facebook on which watches were their favorites. By the end of the 30 Days I was impressed by all the options available and I now have some of my favorite combos. I even have different faces/bands in mind that I want to add to my collection in the future.   I am one of those people who love being able to match my watch to my outfits or even my footwear. I am presently going to college to become a Radiology Technologist and I have to wear scrubs all day.  Modify Watches make it possible for me to express myself with different watch choices. I’m a Mod girl for life! [caption id="attachment_4031" align="aligncenter" width="306"]009_kellybouwman Kelly Bouwman, the ModiGenius![/caption]

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